Expert Panel on the Undergraduate Student Educational Experience (USEE) – Consultation on the draft vision for undergraduate student experience

In October, the Provost announced the creation of the Expert Panel on Undergraduate Student Educational Experience (USEE), which is tasked with consulting with the University community to enunciate and enliven our shared vision for the undergraduate educational experience at the University of Toronto. As per the Panel’s Terms of Reference, this vision:

  • builds on the University’s strength and international reputation in academic and research excellence;
  • recognizes the value of differentiation in terms of student educational experience within our various faculties, colleges, campuses, and departments;
  • emphasizes the common threads connecting student educational experience across academic and administrative units; and
  • enhances the benefits of collaboration at a vast institution like ours.

As per the President’s letter on student mental health, the Expert Panel has also been asked to consider the broader issue of learning cultures, competitiveness, student wellbeing and student supports in its deliberations and its recommendations.

The Expert Panel has produced a draft vision for undergraduate experience and is inviting comments and feedback online using the form below. This consultation page will remain open until April 30, 2019.

Questions about the Expert Panel’s work or the consultation process can be sent to

Read the draft vision here.


This consultation has now closed. For more information, please contact